Publishing Guide

Publishing Guide

Publishing Guide page will show you every possible direction that is available for you in order to get published.

Therefore, you will learn about traditional publishing, publishing with a help from a literary agent, vanity publishing, self-publishing and digital publishing, in general or specified by written articles and other publications.

Publishing opportunity with Penguin Group (Australia)

Submitting to an agent

Agents’ worries mount over contracts that don’t guarantee print editions

Is the bookshop dead?

Governance and the Not-for-profit (NFP) Publisher 

Vanity Publishing – Beware!

Digital self-publishing

Harrison Group Survey of Publishers and Digital Consumers

Australian Copyrights Protection

Publishers Directory Around Globe

Initial introduction to a publisher

Do agent-publishers carry a conflict of interest?

Publishing and selling digital books


Ebooks will continue to cost less than a single espresso

Bold Predictions: Half of US Publishers Expect E-books to Be Dominant Format by 2014

Who can become a digital publisher?

Getting Published: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Good and Bad News about Self-Publishing Your Children’s Book

What is the point of having a Literary Agent?


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