Marketing Guide

Marketing Guide

Marketing Guide will explain vital value of Social Media for the writers. We will guide you and will share with you our knowledge about marketing process and how Marketing interconnections with Social Media.

You will find selected links to the best publications about Marketing which includes promotion and advertising techniques. You will have access to the best articles about Social Media. You will have an opportunity to read and comprehend the vital importance of why Marketing and Social Media bond together in order to create success.

So, take a note from a famous writer Mark Twain who said: “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

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Creating your own market as a writer

The most surprising social media statistics this year

7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites

Social Media Analytics: Three lessons for success

25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips

31 Book Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today!

Self-Published Author Amanda Hocking Makes Millions From eBook Sales

Never put your marketing success in the hands of someone else

Authors, Social Media and the Allure of Magical Thinking

Social Media Metrics: Jim Sterne on why, what and how to measure



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