Welcome to the Helensvale Writers’ Group Website – the official website for Writers from the Northern Gold Coast, Queensland.

Our group of writers meets on a monthly basis to share ideas and encourage each other.

We discuss publishing news, upcoming competitions, writing process, marketing and we practice appraisal of the manuscripts by our members. Our meetings are informal and enjoyable.

We are a very diverse group of writers, writing in both fictional and non-fiction categories.

If you want to join us – welcome! Our Membership is free!

We meet from 11:30am till 13:30pm, on the third Thursday of each month, at the Helensvale Library.

If you want to contact us directly, please write to Joan Small or Elena Ornig or call 0439 722 738, during working hours (10 am – 6 pm)

The Helensvale Writers group is for writers! However, our website is for everyone who is fascinated by writing or interested in the writers!

To learn about our writers group – please, visit the Members info page.

To gain skill  in writing, – dwell upon our Writing Guide.

To understand Marketing and comprehend Social Media, – browse through our Marketing Guide.

To become versed in publishing, – proceed to our Publishing Guide.

To find news about upcoming events for writers, publishers and marketers, – advance to the Events page.

To see published books by our members – check out Books Kingdom.

To contact us via email – leave your question or request at the Contact Us page.

On our website Writers From Gold Coast, we will share with you everything we know about writing, publishing and marketing.

We will share news, interesting links and articles. We would like to hear your opinion and welcome your questions.

Please, feel free to read our posts, browse around and leave your comments.




2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Admin for Helensvale Writers' Group

    November 18, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    I am proud to be a member of the Helensvale Writers’ Group!

  2. Dimity Powell

    November 17, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    Excited to be part of the relaunching of a great group dedicated to encouraging the individual to write and be inspired. This site provides some extremely useful, entertaining and interesting links on all things writerly. Worth indulging in.


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