Author Platform workshop with Karen Tyrrell

22 Jun

Workshop by Karen Tyrrell

Author Karen Tyrrell









On the 15th of June 2017, the Helensvale Writers’ Group welcomed author Karen Tyrrell to share her knowledge on the significance of an authentic author platform.  The concept of an author platform is considered to be one of the most difficult to explain. The reason for complexity in the explanation is simple – everyone defines it differently and new definitions are emerging.

If Jane Friedman described it as “an ability to sell books because of who you can reach”, Forbes offered a more detailed explanation for what it used to be – “the writer’s public visibility and reputation that the publisher’s publicity department used to promote and sell the book.” Furthermore, Forbes outlines the difference from the past – “Now it’s the author, not a publicist, who inspires readers to buy the book. The New Author Platform allows not only well-established authors, but unknown, first-time beginners to do an end run around the conservative gate-keepers and reach readers directly.” The elements of the new author platform include: personality, authenticity and expertise.  In great detail, these elements were described to the Helensvale Writers’ Group by Karen Tyrrell during her workshop – “Memoir Writing tips and How to build an Author Platform.”

According to Karen it is important for authors to convey to readers why they write in order to connect. It is important to authors to disclose what they stand for. It is important for authors to show what they create and to demonstrate clearly to whom their creations are addressed. Karen is an award-winning author of eight empowering books. She is passionate about self-improvement and well-being. Why does she write about it? She writes because she is a survivor of bullying and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Not surprisingly, she is the winner of three Regional Arts Development Funds (RADFs). On 24th of June (Saturday), at 11 pm she is launching her new book “The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2)” at the Logan North Library.  Her own author platform helped her to create her public face. It allowed her to build trust with her current readers, attract potential new readers and established her reputation and expertise.

Images of Jackie Moore and Karen Tyrrell

Jackie Moore & Karen Tyrrell

The workshop with Karen Tyrrell was productive and entertaining. Some members of the Helensvale Writers’ Group found some new ways of thinking about their writing; some called it an excellent workshop because it was professional and insightful – absolutely outstanding!

Thank you very much Karen!

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One response to “Author Platform workshop with Karen Tyrrell

  1. Admin for Helensvale Writers' Group

    June 22, 2017 at 12:27 AM

    Greatly appreciated your knowledge and expertise. Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you very much, Karen!!!


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